Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sam Chung Pot

Sam and his just finished teapot

His first demonstration: a two piece slab pitcher with a hollow handle.
Several months ago Carolina ClayMatters Guild hosted a workshop with Sam Chung, instructor at Arizona State.  He specializes in slab constructed pieces, most of which have a serious set of pattern pieces.  He started with a simple pitcher design shown below and then went on to create more and more complex pieces like the teapot left.
This thing is an ewer- a pouring vessel with no handle.
 After several months, I finally have a finished and photographed my version of Sam's teapot.  It was much harder than it looked to do, and of course I chose the most complicated piece he did to replicate.  Hadn't really planned to have it look so much the shape of his teapot, but that was what worked.  I made things even more complicated by putting texture on the side panels.

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