Pottery Gallery

Glaze colors include Red Oak, Golden Oak, (trailing glaze), Latte, (#3)Avocado, (#4) Cobalt Blue, and Hemlock. (images to be updated soon)  Established glaze patterns are as follows:

  • American Pie- an overlap of Red Oak and Cobalt (#5)
  • Autumn- On large pieces I use Red Oak, Avocado, Latte, and a signature turquoise spot with an over coat of trails of Golden Oak. 
  • Autumn Avocado or Autumn Latte-  On smaller pieces and ones difficult to apply 3 glazes to, I use Red Oak and either Latte or Avocado If you don't specify, I will do an even mix of both. (#1&2)
  • Blue Ridge- an overlap of Avocado and Cobalt (#6)
  • Fonta Flora- My newest glaze pattern is named after my neighborhood and is an overlap of Red Oak and Hemlock with the turquoise spot but no glaze trials
Glaze options from left to right- first two variations of Autumn, Cream, Avocado, American Pie, Blue Ridge

Soup Tureen with ladle- 124., Large Colander- 60., Berry Bowl- 40. 

20 Inch Oval Platter- 124.

14 inch Oval Tray- 104.
Condiment sets: available in 14 in- 104. and 9 in-78.
Batter Bowl- 31., Mini Batter Bowl- 23.
Garlic Jar in Avocado- 34.
French Butter Keeper- 25.

Canister Set- 165.

Veggie and Dip Tray- 110.
Chip 'n Dip in avocado- 110.

Custard cups- 16.
Place setting

 16 oz mug- $27.50, 10" dinner plate- $44.00, 8" salad plate- $30.00, 12 oz mug- $25.00,  6" bowl- $18.00,
8" pasta bowl- $30.00, soup mug- $25.00.

Covered Butter Dish- 52.

Pitchers: Gallon-70., Quart- 40.

Mixing Bowl Set- 145.

6" Bowls- 18. ea (Avocado)
Microwave Bacon Cooker- 30.

Casserole- 74.

Oval Baker in "Avocado"- 48.
Brie Baker- 23., Half Circle Cracker Tray- 31.

Cruets- Cream, Avocado, Autumn- 26.

Large Serving Bowl in "Autumn"- 90.

Utensil Jar- 33.