The Studio

My studio is in the basement of my house.  I seem to get a better space every time I move!  This is the first time I have had indoor running water.  The "playroom" portion of the space is my clay playroom; kind of  long and thin for rolling carts around in between equipment, but it has a fireplace and a couple of windows that let in wonderful morning light with a future herb garden outside one of them.

The kiln room was a "Florida Room" in it's past life and is surrounded with windows for ventilation and a sliding glass door onto a south facing driveway.  I came here with 2 kilns, an ancient LandL that has been reworked a couple of times, and a Skutt I bought new in '98.  At the moment it is mysteriously out of order in spite of replacing everything but the mother board.  I just bought a Bailey so I could count on 2 kilns working at all times.  The space is just enough room for the 3 kilns... amazing that neither of the other 2 studios would have begun to hold 3 kilns!

The rest of the basement houses Homer, the 50 yr old oil furnace, 2 big oil tanks, a mop sink, washer, dryer and a shower that has yet to be finished.  The packing also happens in that space.  In my other studios, I had to create a space to pack which makes a tremendous mess that took time to clean up before I could get back to the cycle of work not to mention the storage of packing materials.  Here I seem to have enough work to hire my friend Ilse to do the packing.  It is wonderful not to have to take time off production to do that time consuming task.   And I can proudly say, we have been 98% breakage free with our unique and environmentally conscious packing method using egg flats, corrugated wrap and recycled plastic water bottles.
 And this is my right hand woman, Ilse.  She gratefully does all those gritty jobs that help keep me making pots.  Unloading the kilns, cleaning those shelves, sorting and packing orders just to name a few.  I'd be having a meltdown these days without her help!