About Me

I was always fascinated with pottery.  As a child of eight I visited a pottery studio in Silver Springs Florida and as I watched the ball of clay growing into a beautiful vase, becoming a potter became my dream.  I had an aunt that was involved with promoting Jugtown pottery and Ben Owen’s pots filled our houses.  The first time I sat at a potter’s wheel I tried to make a bowl like one of his.  I worked toward that goal through high school, spending every spare minute on the art room potter’s wheel.  My training was formalized at Appalachian State University, where I completed over 20 hours of Ceramics Technology and other crafts courses and I have continued my education with various workshops since.
     After graduation, I apprenticed with a production potter to home my skills.  Since 1982, I have been producing pottery outside Statesville, NC ,as well as working as a resident artist for the Hiddenite Center for the Arts demonstrating and occasionally teaching workshops and classes.

Lately, my work has undergone some dramatic changes.  Being a member of Carolina ClayMatters has inspired me to develop 2 new color pallets after years of the same ole thing and take time to make more art pieces. Hope you enjoy viewing them here.