Thursday, March 24, 2011

OOOOH another Textured Slab Pot!

Got another glaze load out of the kiln today.  Finally getting some consistent results from the adjustments I made on the L&L. This is one of the pots I made using the textured paper. 

 To get the inside pink and outside blue, I protected the "binding" with wax resist and glazed the inside with the pink, re bisque the piece and then glazed the outside.  The glaze at bisque temp crackled quite a bit when I took it out of the kiln, but enabled me to clean off the blue glaze that got on the inside of the pot easily.  After refiring, the crackling repaired itself.
I am really pleased how much detail shows with this paper.  The yellow eyelet pot detail was very faint, comparatively.

Off to Hickory tomorrow to set up for the Festival.  I seem to have collected plenty of pots, this one included.


  1. Thanks, Judy! I'm pleased, Of course, there is always something... like I wish the glaze on the inside was thinner so my little stamps showed better, but I am real excited about the detail that show from the paper.