Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Break Over...

It has been a pretty strange year so far, hasn't it?  Just 2 years before I can begin collecting retirement and quit working so hard in my studio, I get a 4 month paid vacation from the government!  As the free ride seemed to have an end date, I put my faith in the universe to send business my way with nothing but ease and a request.  Really wasn't up for pounding the virtual pavement so close to retirement for mainstay wholesale accounts.  I do still plan to be creating work- especially on demand along with retirement, but with much less pressure.  VOILA!  Orders have been trickling in and from 4 new galleries!  Seems most of my regular galleries are still closed, slow to order, or reworking their business plan so new is good!  More interesting is the number of retail orders I have been getting.  Thank you for finding me and reaching out for Beckett Pottery!  

As you can see in my Beckett Pottery Facebook page live post, I have a comfortable number of small orders flowing through the studio.  It is a great time to contact me if you have pottery desires.  Since these orders are small, there is plenty of room  in the kiln for individual wishes to come true!  


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  1. Hi, i managed to acquire a little potpourri pot of yours. Unfortunately a little glaze on the side of the pot has come away . How do you suggest I can repair it? Many thanks , Victor