Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Latest Tree Pieces

This desk set was a commission for my Life Coach from her current graduates. It is personalized with carvings of their names and the year in the beech tree trunks.  It is my first try using white clay and beech bark and I am really happy with the results.

I've been thinking about a tree teapot since the beginning of this idea for tree bark pots.  I was given the idea of flower pot and tea light heaters by a friend of mine and thought it would be a wonderful idea to include a warmer under the tea pot and even a mug, (my coffee is always getting cold!)  Squirrels have become a theme and they get better every time.  I have also added antler to the lid for a handle.  To protect the warmer from hot spot thermal shock from the tea light flame I created a small shield made from aluminum flashing to go inside each warmer.

This commissioned piece is a coffee pot and sugar bowl with warmer.  The original order was didn't include the warmer, but not being a coffee brewer, I felt it would be more functional as a carafe if there was a warmer under it.  A snake has draped himself over the spout /limb to help hold on the lid when pouring.

Finally for new pieces, here is my mug and warmer.  No more cold coffee for us sippers.