Friday, September 6, 2013

New Ideas finally in creation

Wow!  I've been dreaming of these pieces for at least a year; the idea being functional pots that look like trees and stumps with a whimsical nature.  This body of work is a further development from work I did years ago where limbs served as candelabras with mushrooms gathered on them and more recently my boxes that have the woods carved on them. I was invited to participate in a show in St Johns Newfoundland that will be showing in November and have just finished the pieces to go there.

 This is a casserole dish holding 2 quarts.  The interior is glazed with my avocado green glaze and the outside is stained with manganese and iron.  The outside is textured with a piece of wood to create the "bark" texture.

This place setting includes a 10" plate , 8" plate and 6" bowl.  The mug stands on 3 "roots" as a tree grown over a log that has long since rotted away.  The rims of the plate and texture on the mug was done with a walnut hull... very time consuming at this point,  I found it amazing that if you imprint the hull just right it actually looks like a tiny tree.  Different areas of the hull produce a really nice bark like effect.

Saving my favorite for last is this cream and sugar set.  The creamer has a "vine" for a handle and limb for a spout and nestles over the sugar bowl.  I have ideas for canisters that lean into each other like a group of trees, teapots that stand on their roots, and condiment sets that fit together like a puzzle.  There are also plans for woodsy creatures to be hanging around in the future.

This is a long term project to create this body of work, doing it in between wholesale production, so stay tuned for a piece here and there, as I collect them over the next year for a public showing.