Thursday, February 16, 2017


Beckett Pottery is Moving!
A couple of years ago, I fell in love with a neighborhood in Nebo called Fonta Flora.  Where is Nebo, you might ask?  It lies halfway between Marion and Morganton on I40, (you might have seen an exit for it).  Fonta Flora lies between Lake James and the Linville Gorge on the Linville River.
This was taken at a campground where the Linville comes into the lake looking back at Shortoff Mtn, the first peak of the Linville Gorge.  My house will be at the foot of the mountain.
 It is a 2 street community made up of mostly log cabins with a few unsightly mobile homes tossed in.
I saw a cabin there on a creek that feeds into the river a few lots away that I thought I wanted.  As fate would have it, the lot next door was owned by a hiking friend of mine that also lives there, (the Matriarch of Fonta Flora, so to speak).  They wanted to sell it to the right person, which happened to be me!  September of 2016 we sealed the deal.  It's a sweet half acre of native flora with a space already cleared large enough for my 600 sq ft self designed cabin and 230s ft studio.

Yesterday I purchased the hemlock board and batten siding and vintage roofing....  On my way to a house!  Check back for updates.  I hope to be in for sure before winter hits.