Monday, April 25, 2011

Hannah McAndrew & Doug Fitch

This is Doug blasting the puzzle jug, (pitcher) with a leaf burner.  The piece was slipped and decorated by Hannah.

 Just got back from a great workshop in Shelby of all places with Hannah and Doug, come over the pond to show us farmhouse pots and slipware.  They are big bloggers with Ron Filbeck and were able to work out a tour of demos in the states. [What's up with my formatting!?  Will figure it out later folks.]
pouring the slip.

Finished puzzle jug.
 I found some puzzle jugs in some books Doug had and have some ideas for one or two of my own.
Decorated puzzle jug front.
 Here Hannah is making a large platter by throwing a bottom and adding a coil for the lip.  Due to "American" clay and a pug mill that left a big air hole throughout the coil, we didn't get to see it finished, but great idea I plan to try.

This is a "jug" that Doug made with his "man decorations",(quick and simple).

 Hannah and a beautiful platter she decorated with slip bottles made from tire tubes and mechanical pencils!?
Hope to become blog friends with these great folks.  They did a great job considering we have such crappy clay over here...LOL  Their clay comes straight from the ground without drying out, so it has been seasoned for thousands of years, enabling lots of stretchability.