Saturday, February 2, 2013

How Embarrasing!

As I check my page, I see that I am at the same place I was last time I posted.... back from ACRE Orlando and a notebook full of orders.  Guess that means I've kept busy all year!  This year, I intend to focus a little at least on the retail aspect of my business by adding Etsy to my options as a way to get my one of a kinds out there in the marketplace.  You can find my shop there by searching Beckett Pottery... I hope.  Still new at linking everything together.  I plan to post a new item about every day until all the pieces I have on hand are posted.  Then I can add some things that I produce on a regular basis and special order things such as sets of dinnerware.    Here is a link to my Etsy page, (that hopefully isn't my administration page!)

I have worked on my recipe page a bit, including my favorites that work really well with Beckett Pottery pieces!