Sunday, April 26, 2020

Strange times

These are such strange times we live in.  Beckett Pottery has gone through several "business model  shifts" in 37 years of business, some involved health issues and some involved the economic climate.  Who would have expected that less than 2 years from collecting retirement, that my wholesale business would fall flat on it's face from a health related economic crash!  90% of my revenue for the past 33 years has been wholesale, which is why there is so little activity on my blog.

  BECKETT POTTER IS STILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS!    It's apparently not "my jam" to do a lot of self promotion, however,  I am still accepting retail orders for whatever your heart's desire is and have plenty of time to create it for you now that the galleries are mostly shut down for the foreseeable future.  I don't keep a lot of inventory because there are so many things on my production list and so many ways to glaze them.  You can browse my gallery of items for inspiration and get with me via email or text (704-682-7509) where we can create an order.

Since the shut down, I have focused on other endeavors; home completion projects, working in the yard, cutting fire wood for next winter and creating YouTube videos for a channel I am developing.  Its focus is to share how I complete home improvement and enhancement projects as a solo 60 something woman.  I will probably throw in other potentially interesting things I am working on as well.  Check it out at . Robin's Nest Adventures  I sincerely hope you will get a kick out of my filming and editing, (which has a bit of a steep learning curve for me).  Liking the videos and subscribing to the channel will help me qualify to monetize which will bring in income eventually.

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