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 Fiesta dinnerware: How fun to have!  Here is Thanksgiving 2011 in progression on Fiesta and one Luray platter from my mother's old set.  My pasta bowls were actually inspired from the Luray designed soup bowls.

Plates full of food
On the Non Dairy Non Gluten Menu:
  • Smoked Cornish Hens with Cranberry sauce
  • Roasted Sweet Potatoes
  • Deviled Eggs
  • Waldorf Salad
  • Wine Braised & Grilled Artichoke Hearts
  • Green Beans Almondine
  • AND for dessert, (not shown) Gluten Free Brownies with Home made Almond Milk Ice Cream and Strawberry Balsamic Reduction Sauce
We cleaned our plates.
All gone!, (or put away)

AHHH for the dishwasher!

Back in the cabinet

color options: violet, blue, turquoise, green, pink, orange, yellow, and white, (not shown)

10 "Dinner plate 44., 8" Salad plate-  30., 8" Pasta dish- 30. 6" Bowl- 18., Cup and Saucer- 35., Custard 16.
12 oz mug 25., 8 oz mug 23.
Pie Plates- 36.

 Colander 62.
 French Butter Keepers - 25.00
 Cruets- 27.00 ea
 Utensil Holder or Wine Cooler -33.00
 Apple Bakers - 15.00 ea
 Berry Bowls- 42.00 ea
 6" bowls - 18.00
Cream and sugar set 90., creamer 25., sugar 32.
Garlic Jar 34.

Canister set 173.
 Honey Pots-33.00 (new design in shape of canisters above)
 Dipping Bowls- 9.00
Large serving bowl can be made to order to your desired hight and width up to 14" - 88.

Pho Bowls hold 3 cups of pho, (Vietmnamese soup)-31.

Lets have sushi!  Slab sushi plates with 4 Oriental characters meaning happiness, tranquility, prosperity, and harmony stamped into each plate or matching dipping bowl- Large plate-7 1/2" x 12'- 34., small plate- 6 1/2 x 10 1/2- 31., dipping bowls- 8. 

Casserole, (about 2 qts)-74.

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  1. Looking for a serving dish like the one holding your sweet potatoes, in your avocado green color. Please send me pictures of what you have available as serving dishes. I already bought one of your pieces and I live it. Thank you.